The strategic grid is simply used to analyse the current information technology and also the future technology. The main reason of introducing the strategic grid was, “to identify the different roles played by IS within the organization thus to explain how and why different approaches to the management of IT within the organization was needed” by Kangas (2003).
Any organization that is dependent on information systems to carry out daily operations can be analyzed using the strategic grid. McFarlane’s grid as according to Tang (2011) explains that, the vertical x-axis measures how IT affects the organizations strategy while y-axis gauges impact of IT on operations. It is vital to analyse Sunway Medical centre using this tool to see how the current IT is helping and what can be recommended.
This strategy is basically used to identify IT initiatives and the impact they have on the daily operation. The grid is divided into four quadrants to identify the strategic impacts of information technology currently and in the future. A proper analysis of the strategic grid will help Sunway Medical identify strategic initiatives.

The Strategic Grid for Sunway Medical Centre

Up Arrow: HIGH       OPERATIONAL                      LOWl

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Accounting systems.
  • Human resource Mangement systems
  • Enterprise resource planning


  • Online Patient consultation
  • SunMed Knowledge management portal.
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • ICIP (Intellivue Clinical Information Portfolio)
  • E-Rostering system

  • Alert System
  • Website
  • Expert system
Right Arrow: LOW                               STRATEGIC                                                        HIGH


This are the elements which are of high impact to Sunway Medical centre they control the daily operations. The hospital is highly dependent on them as they improve daily operations they affect large portions of the firm.
  • Electronic Health Records these systems is of higher operational impact as it enables doctors to exchange patient data or electronic health records across networks giving them necessary information to make informed care decisions. Phillips.Com (2010).The electronic health records consists of patient information and can be transferred electronically example is when a nurse is handling a patient when the doctor is in a distant location in case of emergency the doctor can electronically transfer the health records so that the patient can be attended to very well hence improving hospital operations.

  • Accounting system is basically system that is established to keep track of all the patient payments. This process is electronic such that all the payments are stored in one database system. Sunway .Com (2012) under patients and visitor information list down the medical insurance cards that the hospital accepts and also it accepts credit card payment and this system brings forth electronic billing. This strategy is of high operational value as the company is dependent on it to carry out daily operations.
  • Human resource management system is basically used to manage the employees or staff in the hospital this includes training of staff and also allowing internship programs for students and also sponsorships for medical students such an investment is for the future and is to ensure that they deliver good work it is of high operational impact to the company that the staff deliver good services.
  • Enterprise resource planning this system is used to manage all the resources in the company. Raj (2012) explains that this system integrates all data processes into a unified system. It is an element of high operational impact as it enables sharing of information and resources.


This includes all elements that support the daily operations in Sunway Medical Centre the company can survive without them they are of low impact to the daily operations and also low impact strategically they just offer support;
  • Alert System this system aims at providing a paperless environment as it will integrate all the clinical processes such that they are electronic as it is described that it makes clinicians operate in a technologically advanced environment Alert Online.Com (2012). The company can still survive without such a system but this does not make it less important as it offers support to the daily operations
  • Website is of low operational impact as it is not fully explored by Sunway Medical centre to enhance competitive advantage that is in terms of its user friendliness and also does not provide any information technology initiatives that can bring forth competence.


This includes operations that are strategic can be implemented to improve the daily operations,determining the business survival and growth foreseeing future opportunities.
  • Online Patient Consultation is basically an online application which provides prescriptions and also consultation 24 hours seven days a week. Patients can book online or get consultation online then the doctors will prescribe medication Web Line India.Com (No. Date). This system will improve operation and also strategic element of high impact as Sunway Medical can gain greater incomes and customers a satisfied is a strategy that can benefit Sunway Medical Centre currently even in the future.
  • SunMed Knowledge Management Portal this is basically a knowledge sharing portal that enables people to share information and communicate that is doctors and nurses can share important information online Sunway.Com (2012) This strategy is of high strategic impact and also operational efficiency as knowledge is distributed and share among the hospital this is system is very strategic an of high operational impact.
  • Customer relationship Management this is basically using electronic tools to create better relationships with customers .Sunway Medical centre already has a website so for them to be competitive they can create online forums and chartrooms and even feedback this can help them in improving their future operations as they get a glimpse of how their customers feel and what can be done to improve services.
  • ICIP (Intellivue Clinical Information Portfolio) as hospitals deal with a vast range of clinical information which needs to be well recorded as they are referenced from time to time it saves administrative work as patient information can be collected more efficiently and be presented in readily understandable ways to timePhillips.Com (2010).
  • Electronic- Rostering this is basically a register roll which shows all employees which shows nurses and doctors and the duties they are to do. The adoption of such a system has helped Sunway Medical as it is easy to use and also fairer nurse rosters and also creates a better working environment and a clear roster policy. This system is under factory as it helps in day to day operations at a high impact. Bernama.Com(2011)


This quadrant basically focuses on systems that are crucial and are of high importance and also can be implemented in the future
  • Expert systems are basically simulated to work like humans as according to Business Dictionary.Com (2012) this are basically artificial intelligence system that converts the knowledge of an expert into a software code this code can be merged with others and used for answering queries. Such systems can help Sunway hospital in making strategic decisions and also can enhance operations when explored in the future as they can perform repetitive tiring jobs within a short period of time and more efficiently than humans.
In conclusion the strategic grid has identified the systems in terms of the ones which are important for daily operations and the ones that can help current operations be more effective and also systems that offer support to Sunway Medical Centre and also strategic systems that can enhance operations and are strategic for the future.